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We have selected the best resources to help you and your team develop each of the ten pillars of work fulfilment.

Recognition & Sense of value

A survey was carried out by Deloitte and to measure happiness in the workplace in France. It studied 1,800 employees across all business sectors ... and it found that there is still some progress to be made !

  • On average, employees gave a score of 4.8/10 for quality of life at work. 
  • They scored 7/10 on stress level, mainly related to work overload (57%) and the discrepancies between their set objectives and actual achievements. 
  • 7 out of 10 employees felt undervalued. Although work recognition was considered to be the primary factor influencing quality of life at work. 
  • In fact, employees were seeking well-being at work more than happiness, (a good working atmosphere, recognition, respect, a good team spirit and good work/life balance ...) 

> Read the survey (Et le bonheur au travail ?Etude Deloitte/, FR, 2015) 

General Atmosphere

Team work exists in all organizations, but it does not always function to the best of its ability. How do you create and manage a team that works well together? We've taken some advice from Berkeley University.

  • Encourage trust and cooperation among team members. These relationships between team members are just as important as your relationship with each of them. 
  • Make it easy to communicate and share information. 
  • Set targets and objectives for the team, and evaluate their performance. Be sure to talk to team members on a regular basis about what progress has been made and what tasks are still outstanding. 
  • Listen carefully and brainstorm. Be aware of the level of frustration that can be created when there is no agreement at the start of a meeting. Set a time limit for yourself and work as a team to reach an agreement within this set time. 

> Read the article (Steps to building an effective team, Berkeley Human Ressources, EN, 2016)

Team Spirit

The little things that good managers are not afraid to say too often :

  • "I’ll support you": This instills courage and loyalty in your team who will more readily dare to take risks without fear of blame.
  • "You can say no": Since you can't do everything, show your colleagues that you trust them to prioritize and make the right choices.
  • "I don’t know": This phrase may seem surprising, but it demonstrates your courage. Transparency, vulnerability and authenticity are qualities that go towards making a good manager.

> Read the article (The 6 short phrases you’ll hear good leaders say (a lot), The muse, EN, 2016)

Relations with my manager

How can you make giving regular feedback feel normal? At the American moving company, The Other Side Movers, they’ve discovered some effective ways to do this: 

  • To give frequent feedback, make it a regular event rather than just an occasional one: as soon as a team member sees something that needs to be addressed with one of their peers, they own the responsibility to give the feedback. 
  • Group feedback sessions are organized twice a week. These regular sessions mean that, once they become part of the team's routine, the process of giving feedback is much less emotionally charged and can be given more openly. 
  • And what about in your business? Each company and each team has to find its own way of doing this, in line with the company’s goals and culture. The objective is to encourage its members to provide frequent feedback, and to make sure that the feedback is heard.

> Read the article (How to make feedback feel normal, Harvard Business Review, EN, 2015)


Why is business recognition so important ?

  • To give employees a boost to their energy and determination. 
  • To strengthen their sense of belonging to the company. 
  • To maintain good working relationships with colleagues. 
  • For employees to understand how important their work is to the business. 

> See the infographic (The impact of performance recognition, O.C. Tanner, EN, 2016)

Recognition & Sense of value

Why is it important? This study shows that corporate training is one of the most important sources of gaining a competitive advantage.

  • To remain competitive, companies must constantly be reviewing. One of the main drivers for innovation is internal training as well as team work.
  • If Nokia failed against Apple, it was not because of a lack of innovation, but because of a corporate culture that didn't allow mistakes and the need to repeat and learn each time. Innovative people must not only have a technical capability but also be free to learn and share in an open environment.
  • Employees should spend time in training. They must have a true learning experience with the range of available training programmes, in line with the overall company strategy.

> Read the article (How corporate learning drives competitive advantage, Forbes, EN, 2013)

Training & Development

What is even more important than salary to American employees? According to a survey conducted by Philips, it is the meaning of their work. 

  • 79% of employees, at the start of their careers, would agree to reduce their salary to do work that was more meaningful to them 
  • 68% of American employees would be willing to reduce their salaries to have a job that allowed them to incorporate areas of personal interests into their professional lives.  

> See the infographic (Americans Crave More Meaning at work, Philips, EN, 2013)

Meaning & Purpose

The best sources of good ideas come from the employees in a company. How can we create an innovative environment to allow collective intelligence to be expressed?

  • Design your team as a platform for exchanging ideas through debate and discussion, encouraging a diverse range of views and expertise 
  • Encourage experimentation that enables collective learning. This brings more value than running pilots where the goal is simply to validate a decision 
  • Build decision-making processes that promote jointly constructed solutions rather than confronting mutually exclusive alternatives

> Watch the video (Linda Hill, How to manage for collective creativity, Ted Conference, EN, 2014)

Creativity & Innovation

A pleasant working environment encourages employee commitment and motivation. Here are the key principals you should carefully consider :

  • Design the space with the employees’ requirements in mind, (e.g. areas for making calls or offices on different levels)
  • Create a comfortable environment for your employees: Temperature, noise level and lighting are all key elements to consider. 
  • Optimize productivity: Provide the necessary facilities for each business function, and position them in easily accessible locations.

> Read the article (These Simple Workplace Design Changes Can Help Your Company’s Bottom Line, Fast Company, EN, 2016)

Workspace & Work Conditions

Did you know that the sense of belonging to a group is the result of a real biological need?

  • As a result, when this need is not met, it can result in anxiety, negative and uncooperative behaviour. And our physiological abilities of concentration are altered.
  • But, in contrast, when this need is met, your employees are able to focus all their energy on their goals.
  • There are several ways to create a sense of pride in belonging to your team. Find out more in the full article.

> Read the article (Why belonging is key in today’s workplace , Switch and shift, EN, 2014)

Pride in belonging

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