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The respect of anonymity, is the base value of Bloom at work. And we do everything for it to be respected.

This is what we do to ensure the confidentiality of responses you send us.

Step 1

Your HR department sends us your email address.

Step 2

Our server automatically generates, for each address, anonymized profile, without human intervention.

Step 3

When answering the questionnaire we receive your anonymous responses on our ultra-secure servers. Your data are never stored on YOUR business servers.

Step 4

Your manager receives a collective assessment for his team - without ever having access to individual responses.

We have two key principles on responses received from respondents Bloom questionnaires.

  • Anonymity is a strict priority in our data management
  • Results are returned aggregated way (means, statistics) for some people, depending on the setting of permissions users conducted by the company

Step 5

Your manager may consult the aggregated responses for each question in its results of space.

  • We will never pass on individual responses, they are always grouped
  • We display the results of 100% anonymous
Verbatims are anonymous and attached to the response level selected by the respondent.