Boost the well-being of your teams

Take the pulse of your teams in real time, with short and regular surveys and take action to improve their professional development at work.

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A solution in 3 steps

With anonymous, short and fun questionnaires sent regularly to employees, you measure commitment, analyse the levers of action and improve well-being at work with practical actions.

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Quiz for all employees

Anonymous surveys, practical and fun, 2 minutes, sent regularly.

Real-time results tracking

A simple interface to analyse the evolution of the well-being of your employees.

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The solution to improve well-being at work

L'équipe de Bloom est là pour vous accompagner

We accompany your professional development

  • Our presence at your side for a successful launch
  • A turnkey tool, adaptable to your needs and easy to use
  • Summaries sent direct to your mailboxes after each quiz
  • Regular review points with RH, CHO and managers
  • Personalised support to design and conduct your action plans
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Bloom at Work is for you if you want to...

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If they say it, it's true 😉

  • Bel France
  • Guerlain
  • My Little Paris
  • Since the launch, the teams have been talking about things that annoy them, small frustrations are being expressed... and the teams are asking for more. We asked them if they wish to continue the adventure with Bloom. For all, it was a big YES.

    Jordan Defas, HR Manager at Bel France
  • The teams regularly use Bloom as a team sharing opportunity in a friendly atmosphere!

    E. Bernardin, Talent Manager at Guerlain
  • As an HR, it is a rich and precious source of information! The employee engages, they tell us what's wrong, and thanks to Bloom at Work, we have paths of action that we can activate quickly.

    Enora Gestin, HR Manager at My Little Paris
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